An author’s life is something you make up as you go along.IMG_2908

It’s not something they teach you in school although – considering how many of us cherish the dream – it might be something they should consider.

There are no career programs where you start by doing research and fetching coffee for the big girls and boys. There’s no clear career path that will get you a corner office with a view to the harbour.

While we work our way towards the dream, we’re effectively working two jobs. Because the vast majority of us have a day job. We have bills to pay and bosses tend to get really mad when they find you editing your third draft instead of working on your presentation. There’s also a life that we cherish with family and friends that can’t just be ignored. Some days it’s a constant struggle between passion, commitment, tenacity and the desire to just forget the whole thing and live a normal life.

But a life without writing … that would be the real challenge!