Goodbye to Social – Hello to Writing!

It’s been a few days now since I said goodbye to my author Twitter and Facebook accounts.

It feels gooooooooood.

Suddenly I’ve stopped stressing about posts that I’m not writing and started stressing about actual words – in my book – that I’m not writing. The ideas are starting to flow again. I feel less like a marketeer doing a job I don’t really want and more like a writer.

On my way to work or in front of the screen I’m thinking of plot twists, dialogues and character development rather than snappy 140 characters post that all add up to one thing: BUY MY BOOK!

Right now I’m slashing my way through the third draft. When it’s all done (i.e. somewhere around draft seven/eight) then I will send it to an agent. Not stress about Amazon editing, Facebook, Twitter.

The book I currently have on Amazon is with an agent now. (Yes, I linked to it. I said I was giving up on being social. I didn’t say I don’t still want people to read it.)

What I’ve learned is that if being a writer in today’s world means spending most of your time maintaining email lists, posting on social media or reviewing other people’s books in the mad hope that they will do the same for you, then it’s just not for me. That doesn’t make me a bad writer. It just means that it takes away too much focus from what I really want to do.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye to Social – Hello to Writing!

  1. Good for you. I’ve always hated the social media aspect of it all so I’ve never really got immersed in it – but I must say I’m fed up of seeing constant book ads on my Twitter feed. Keep doing what you’re doing…


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