The Most Uncomfortable Question

Today someone told me to answer those most awful of questions:

If I were certain of success, I would …

If I dared, I would …

If I were sure it was the right thing for me, I would …

If I didn’t worry about the future, I would …

The awful thing is that of course I know exactly what I would do.But I’m not doing it.

Because I am scared.

Scared of failure, scared of it being the wrong thing. Scared of what I might lose.

But even more scared of what I might gain.

I don’t think fear of failure is what keeps us from seizing our dreams. I think fear of success is an even greater obstacle.

Because failure implies status quo. We reached for something, we failed, we remain where we were. In the familiar. No new sun creeps over the horizon, no new dawn greets us with its potential for change.

Change … so terrifying.

So disruptive.

Turning our world upside down and inside out.

So tempting to reach for in the dark watches of the night, but so overwhelming in the cold light of the morning.

Dreams can be most terrifying when they come true.

But sometimes … It would be so good to be brave.

Fear of success


“Bring Something Tangible that Inspires You”

It’s a good way to give people you don’t know well a quick insight into who you are and what you might be like to work with. It’s the the third time I’ve been through this drill and the third time I’ve brought this item.

Not because I can’t be bothered to think of something new, but because I still find it inspiring.

Of course it’s a book. I’m a writer, aren’t I? Not to mention a prolific reader.

If you think this makes me a sorry romantic, turn off your computer and go read the book.

I’ll tell you what I told everyone who asked me why I brought that particular item.

It’s not just a love story. It’s about what happens when the world collapses: who survives and comes back out on top – and who doesn’t.

The people who survive: what do they have to do?

When you have no training and no education, you can still become a success if you have brains and gumption.

Maybe your world can’t deal with it. Maybe it’s not the right world for you.

Subvert. Challenge. Question.

Find your own path. Be who you are. Delve deep and really know what you want or you’ll never find the thing that makes you happy.

Kick ass. Be a bitch if you have to be.

Tell me that’s not inspirational.

Oh yeah, in case you didn’t figure out which book. It’s Gone With the Wind.