A Princess, a Pie, a Pet Name

  2016 came for Princess Leia. Yesterday, I sat in the cinema with my son and watched Rogue One. (Go see it now. Preferably at a cinema that has been smart enough to realise that Star Wars fans will want to see IV immediately afterwards.) The last scene – that day – was heart-breaking. Don’t… Read More

Careless Whisper

Another celebrity lost. It seems like this year all my friends are constantly mourning someone they never met but still had a connection to. I have not joined in any Facebook shares or mourning threads. I have not responded to the heart-rending eulogies some of my friends have written for these people who touched their… Read More

Book Buyers Remorse Part II

I have a new obsession. I need to know what’s going on at least once every hour, sometimes more. Feels like the early part of a relationship where you’re constantly checking your phone for any kind of communique from whoever you’ve fallen so hard for. My obsession? AMS. No, I’m not dating an Angry Mad… Read More


Hygge is part of the Danish way of life. It’s untranslatable. The closest you get is “cosy.” It’s a big trend at the moment, so big that apparently in the UK people are trying to use it to promote soup. Parents of a colleague of mine run a Danish restaurant in London. They were approached… Read More

Slow Suicide in the Grown-Up World Part II

Back to my point … What I wish someone had told me when I was a passionate teenager was how to keep the passion alive when the world tried to kill it. Not intentionally, just because the world is not geared towards everyone chasing their dreams. It’s geared towards some people doing it, and the rest… Read More