And Then There Was … Nothing

Going for what you want is one thing.

Getting it is something else.

Sometimes against all reasonable dictates of narrative, being brave and standing up for yourself and what you want doesn’t mean that you get to ride off into the sunset. Sometimes all you get is an, ‘Okay, whatever.’ Or a whole lot of talk and not a whole lot of action.

Sometimes you’re still left standing on your own, wondering if you ever really wanted it in the first place, or whether you’re just so damn angry/disappointed/annoyed/disillusioned that you just think you didn’t.

Sometimes all you get is the knowledge that you were brave.

What did you lose? The dream that kept you warm at night. The secret hope inside that made you smile.

Was the loss worth the gain?

Only you can know that.

Only you can know whether a real life is better than one based on dreams.

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