Slow Suicide in the Grown-Up World Part II

Back to my point …

What I wish someone had told me when I was a passionate teenager was how to keep the passion alive when the world tried to kill it. Not intentionally, just because the world is not geared towards everyone chasing their dreams. It’s geared towards some people doing it, and the rest of us just stuck with the nagging feeling that we shoulda woulda coulda be and do so much more.

I wish someone had been able to make me understand what being a grown-up is really like. Not just by saying, ‘You’ll be too busy paying bills to worry about writing.’ Who would ever want to grow up to that?

Why is coaching so popular? Why are people collapsing from stress? Why are there so many movies where the final resolution occurs when the corporate man/woman realises that what they really want is not a promotion, raise or company car, but just to spend time with their families. This must be a legitimate desire or they wouldn’t keep making them.

Why are companies trying to create fun in the workplace? Why does everyone suddenly want to live and work like we do in the Nordics?

Because we’re supposed to be happy.

Happy people pursue their passions. Happy people make room for their passions in their lives.

What I have finally learned, so many years later, is that no one is going to keep that passion alive but me. No one is going to swoop down and give me a free ride. Pursuing your passion is hard work. It’s late nights, early mornings, rejection letters and writer’s block and frustration. But it’s also that incredible feeling of peace and fulfilment that comes when you’re doing something you know is so right for you.

I’ll just have to find a way to make time for it. I should. It makes me happy.

So the slow suicide ends now.

It was unintentional.


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