To Face Unafraid …

It’s Christmas and that means Christmas songs. I was listening to an old favourite today.

Just think about these lyrics for a moment:

Later on we’ll conspire

As we dream by the fire

To face unafraid

The plans that we made

Walking in a winter wonderland…

It’s so easy to make plans when you’re happy, dreaming in a winter wonderland, not thinking about the real world that comes back when the snow melts.

Sometimes it’s the cruelest thing we can do.

Get swept away in the heat of the moment and take someone else with us.

Say that we’re ready for a new project/venture/relationship when in reality we’re not. We’re just caught up in the moment.

So we backtrack. We let down easy. If we have the courage. If we don’t, we just stop talking to the person or act so that atrociously they stop talking to us.

Or we worry about upsetting the apple cart; we’re not sure we can really do what we want, so we shake our heads and go back to doing no more than dreaming.

Want it when it’s grey and pouring down with rain, not just when it’s covered in beautiful snow and you’re lounging by the fire.

And when you know you really want it, take it.

Face the world unafraid this Christmas.


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