Book Buyers Remorse Part II

I have a new obsession. I need to know what’s going on at least once every hour, sometimes more. Feels like the early part of a relationship where you’re constantly checking your phone for any kind of communique from whoever you’ve fallen so hard for.

My obsession?


No, I’m not dating an Angry Mad Scientist.

But remember I did tell myself something had to happen when I was out 400DKK for books I hadn’t really wanted. (And still haven’t read.)

I told them that day that I had given up on the whole “indie” thing and was focusing on trying to find an agent. But leaving that money on the table bugged me.

So I decided to give it one last go.

I already tried Twitter. I already tried Facebook. I already tried blogging about things that didn’t really interest  me. I already tried newsletters and got no subscribers.

The same successful indie author who recommended Facebook told me to stay away from advertising on Amazon because no good ever came of that. But then he waxed lyrical about Facebook and that didn’t work for me.

Amazon it was.

I created a Sponsored Product add and waited to see what happened.


Just before I gave up, I decided to try a Product Display Ad although having to commit myself to $100 was quite a bitter bill to swallow.

Then I went to Paris.

While I was there I noticed an unusual charge on my credit card. AMS had taken $1.20. I had no idea who the hell AMS was. My initial thought was that I my details had been hacked by someone who was trying to steal a small amount to see if I reacted to it. While I was on hold trying to cancel my card, I got an email from Amazon. Just your average update email, nothing personal.

I decided I had better take a look at my campaign.

There it was.

People were reading my book.

Not buying it, but borrowing it.

The figures kept rising.

Then they dropped off, but then a few sales ticked in.

Yesterday I had my first day where nothing – nothing – happened, and it was like being dumped by my Angry Mad Scientist.

I keep checking, keep looking, keep hoping that it will start up again.

But people are reading my book.

I made an effort and I saw results.

Now I’m going to keep going.

I’ll just check AMS again.


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