Careless Whisper

Another celebrity lost.

It seems like this year all my friends are constantly mourning someone they never met but still had a connection to.

I have not joined in any Facebook shares or mourning threads. I have not responded to the heart-rending eulogies some of my friends have written for these people who touched their lives with their work and left them great memories.

I never had a single celebrity poster on my walls growing up. While my friends had posters from Cocktail and Dirty Dancing, I had pictures of Lucky Luciano. When they covered their walls with Marcus Schenkenberg, I had pictures of Robespierre and Saint-Just.

Yes, total geek.

Did I get teased for it? Did I feel different from the others?


Did I ever consider that life would be easier if I would be more “normal”?


Did it change who I was?


I have loved songs, movies and books, but I have never felt a desire to become part of the lives of strangers.

But today I think of Careless Whisper. I think of the mixed tape my father recorded off the radio when he was in Doha in 1984. Where Careless Whisper features 3 times. Along with Total Eclipse of the Heart, Billie Jean and Flashdance. I think of the memories we had, listening to that tape together on countless drives in Saudi Arabia and in Denmark. I think of so many other great times we had together during those years.

I think of my family.

Of the times we have shared, the hopes we have for the future, all the love we have for each other.

I enjoy the memories that have been awoken, even as I feel sorry for those who today have lost a friend and a loved one.

Perhaps that it why my friends mourn so loudly. Because they remember things, too. Perhaps the things they remember are lost to them forever.

Sometimes the awakening of those memories is unbearable.

So we mourn all over again.

Or maybe I’m still the nerd who just doesn’t get it.

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