Can You Really Hygge If You’re Not Danish?

So “hygge” is all the rage just now. The intrinsically Danish, un-translatable concept of cosiness. It’s definitely a trend, because in the UK they’re using it to sell soup and there’s already a backlash against it. (Actually we think using it to sell soup is just taking the piss. It’s our culture, not your trend.) I’m… Read More

Pick a Song, Any Song

I’m thinking a lot about music these days. The other day I discovered that if I have to spend hours wading through spreadsheets, then I can deal with it a lot better if I do it while listening to classic 80s pop. I hate spreadsheets. There was a time when music meant a lot more… Read More

The Woman With the Green Hair

It’s good to try new things and explore things you’ve always wondered about. But sometimes it just means realising that you’re actually pretty okay with who you are. Take the blue hair. My son convinced me. It became green. Not an all-over green, but definitely not the turquoise, happy artist look I was going for. Later that… Read More

The Last Straw

I don’t believe in New Year resolutions. I actually don’t believe in New Year’s. The idea that you can reinvent yourself just because the clock strikes midnight has never sat well with me. Judging by the amount of people who don’t stick to their New Year resolutions, I guess it doesn’t sit well with them… Read More