February Round-Up

Let’s see … at the start of this month I said something about book sales, publication and chocolate frosting. Now it’s the end of the month and it’s time to tally up. 7/20 e-books sold. (Now that I got my Amazon campaigns up and running again I can see a difference. Remember to really really read every… Read More

It’s Paperback Publication Day!

Well … yes … in theory. In reality Amazon is not the easiest system in the world to come to grips with. It’s a lot of time spent staring at screens, looking at messages that say “Processing your file” and “Errors – Click here to view all” A lot of back to the drawing board.… Read More

Shogun in the Shed

I believe any writer, certainly any avid reader, has certain books that mean more to them than others. I know I do. Special books that have comforted me, changed me, challenged me. From 1998 – 1999 I lived in France as part of my BA. It was the same year my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer… Read More

An Apple, a Shiba and the Art of Compromise

I just had a re-run of the same conversation I’ve been having for twenty years. Mum: What do you eat for breakfast. Me: Usually a piece of fruit at the office and then an early lunch. Mum: So you don’t eat breakfast. Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism. Me: Scientists are debating that. Mum: You need to eat… Read More

Light My Fire

People ask me if I could live abroad again. Yes, of course I could. I go do a few years in Dubai if I really had to. Do I want to live abroad again – that’s a different question. The answer is no. I’ve done my travelling. I’ve lived in seven different countries and I… Read More

Did She Really Say That?

Do you ever overhear part of a conversation by accident, get drawn in and start listening even though you didn’t mean to? Then you hear something that you desperately want to respond to but can’t because then you’d have to admit you were eavesdropping like some sad pathetic loser who doesn’t have any friends of… Read More

Hot Chocolate, Cakes and Snow

It snowed today. It snowed all day. I was at work and my son was at home with a sore throat and a bad cough. He rolled down the blinds because it was too depressing watching everyone playing in the snow, dragging their sledges back from the park, laughing and shouting, while he was stuck… Read More

The Ph.D. and the Piping Bag

This afternoon I made the brownie muffins. Another fantastic recipe from Maja Vase. My son was so impressed he pretended to faint from an excess of chocolatey goodness. (But FYI, in a fan-assisted oven, 20 minutes is enough. At least in a decent fan-assisted oven. In that piece of **** my parents have, an hour is probably… Read More

1 Down, 39 to Go

My relationship with AMS is strained these days. What used to be beautiful, fully committed on both sides, suddenly seems like I’m the desperate and needy one with a partner who’s gone off the boil. It’s frustrating … Ever since the first week in December I’ve been getting excited when I could see that someone had… Read More