Book Buyer’s Remorse Part III


Remember how in November I spent 400DKK I didn’t have on books I didn’t want (and still haven’t read)?

How it made me determined to give the whole indie author thing one last big bash just to get my money back?

Today it paid off.

Today I found out that I made the 400DKK I laid out for those books. It’s not much. It’s about $50.

It was never really about the money. That was just kick up the *** that I needed.

After all this time of trying and failing and not really feeling like my heart was in it, it’s amazing. It was proof that I did something right. Proof that people read my book and not just because they know me and are trying to be nice. Proof that I had found a way that was working for me. Proof that I can keep going down this road and see where it leads me.

I’d like to bake cake for everyone who bought or borrowed my book!

But sadly this will have to do …

A huge thank you to all my readers. I am more grateful than I can say.



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