February Round-Up

Let’s see … at the start of this month I said something about book sales, publication and chocolate frosting.

Now it’s the end of the month and it’s time to tally up.

7/20 e-books sold. (Now that I got my Amazon campaigns up and running again I can see a difference. Remember to really really read every email they send you because their ‘Your campaign is rejected’ email is worded in the exact same way as the ‘Your campaign is accepted email’ apart from a brief paragraph at the very bottom. Which I missed. Twice.

9/10 e-books borrowed on Kindle. Excellent results – especially since it only began after I got the campaigns under control again.

0/10 paperbacks sold because 0 paperbacks were published. All the while I get taunting emails from Amazon about how easy it is to use their new services. Annoyed? Just a little bit.

1 frosting recipe tried. 1 piping bag discarded in angry frustration.

Lots of fudge made, eaten and given as gifts. Thank goodness I don’t have an induction hob at my summerhouse and can enjoy the luxury of non-stick saucepans.

4 dogs and 3 puppies seen. Lots of future plans made.

All in all, not a bad month…

home made fudge

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