A Train, a Bus, a Bedroom, a Balcony, a Dog

I need somewhere new to live. Or rather I will soon. In a past life (one that ended in 2008) I was an estate agent in Spain. During that time I caught the property bug and now I enjoy one of the things I hated most when I was a child: looking at houses. The other… Read More

The Beatles, Amazon, Disruption

When I was twelve my parents thought it would be good to move to the country. As a consequence of that, I started spending most Saturday mornings in the local library. Meanwhile, my parents braved the usual hungry hordes in the supermarket opposite to stock up on food for the week. After weeks of skirting around it, I decided to… Read More

The Writer in the Airport

Yesterday I flew out of Copenhagen Airport. Lovely place. I like to take my time when I travel, make sure I get to the airport early and don’t stress about transport delays, security queues, all those other things that can potentially make you miss your flight. Plus it’s good to have a little time to… Read More

Could Today Be Paperback Publication Day?

I got my A – Z back. Z now works so I no longer have to copy/paste if I want to write “lazy” instead of “lay.” So far so good. So far my plan to publish my book in paperback form has a) crashed b) burned Mainly because each time I uploaded the manuscript, Amazon kept… Read More

Life Without z

I lost my z this afternoon. On my keyboard. I press it and absolutely nothing happens. I’m getting it now by copying and pasting. Then sometimes it randomly appears. Just in case I had forgotten about it and begun to move on. There’s either a leprechaun without a calendar living under my keyboard or a ghost.… Read More

The Cake in the Sword

Today is World Book Day. My son’s school celebrated by encouraging everyone to bring a dish inspired by a book. Naturally we had to make cake. For Christmas some old friends came him Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor by Rick Riordan. He laughed, he loved it. When he loves a book, I’m ecstatic.… Read More