Life Without z

I lost my z this afternoon.

On my keyboard. I press it and absolutely nothing happens.

I’m getting it now by copying and pasting. Then sometimes it randomly appears. Just in case I had forgotten about it and begun to move on.

There’s either a leprechaun without a calendar living under my keyboard or a ghost. Or it’s just annoying.

I press “s” and a “z” shows up behind it.

But as my son says, how many times do you really need “z”?

Well, every time I make some lay … sorry la – cmd+V – y. Lazy.

At least I spell like an English person and don’t use -ize as my suffix.

I know in the great scheme of things life without “z” is not that big a deal. But at the moment I’m struggling with whether or not to continue a project. A writing project.

I’m trying to listen to my instincts, my gut feeling, my reason. No, not reaszon (where did that come from?!) I’m making long lists with pros and cons, trying to convince myself I should do something that deep down I just don’t think I want to do.

Do you ever do that?

Reaszon (what the …?!) yourself into doing something because it’s sensible and you feel like you should. You’d be missing out if you didn’t. But deep down your heart just isn’t in it.

Maybe that’s it. If the heart isn’t in it, how will it ever be great and memorable and worthwhile?

On the other hand, I read once that Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women just for the money and that has certainly touched many people’s hearts.


Maybe my computer is telling me to hold off the decision by making it impossible for me to use it without getting frustrated.

Maybe the machines are taking over the world.

One z at a time.

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