Life Without A – Z


This morning I woke up early and lay in bed reading. Some many wonderful things you can do when you don’t have to get up, make up and go to the office. For at least the fifth time I was reading The Negotiator by Frederick Forsyth. My favourite line in there has to be:

People make allowances for writers, as for all other lunatics.  

We are a little nuts. We get up at weird hours to create make-believe worlds and the people who live in them. We jot down random sentences on rouge bits of paper and scatter notebooks through every room in our homes. Our most prized possession is that beautiful piece of technology that allows us to tap tap tap out those worlds. Often sitting in our dressing gowns, morning latte by our sides, while the rest of the house still sleeps soundly.

And it’s incredibly difficult to do all those things when you don’t have that wonderful piece of technology. When you have to beg, borrow or steal someone else’s. When you can’t tap tap tap out anything because you have nothing to tap tap tap on. When every email sends you rushing to your phone because today might be the day you get it back.

Life without “z” was difficult enough. Life without everything from a – z is so much worse.

Having finally decided to go for that writing project I was feeling skeptical about, it’s very frustrating to now not be able to get started. Or perhaps it’s a sign that I made the wrong decision.

Unless I get my A – Z back soon, I may never know.


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