The Writer in the Airport

Yesterday I flew out of Copenhagen Airport. Lovely place.

I like to take my time when I travel, make sure I get to the airport early and don’t stress about transport delays, security queues, all those other things that can potentially make you miss your flight. Plus it’s good to have a little time to myself to wander through the various shops, sip coffee and read a book.

It’s painful to wander through the four bookshops in the airport.


Because seeing all those books there makes me so sorry that so many other things interfere with writing. You know, like my full-time job, the need to pay bills, buy food etc. Any author’s usual dilemma.

But it’s good pain. Positive pain.

The pain tells me I am passionate about what I do. It tells me that writing is still a dream I’m chasing. Even though the as-an-author-you-must-be-social-on-twitter-and-facebook-24-7 nearly killed the last spark of passion. It tells me I am heading down the right path.

Because one day I want to see one of my books in one of those four bookshops. I want to see people picking it up before they get on a plane. Even at the ridiculously high prices Denmark charges for books.

While I was wandering through the airport busy with all those thoughts, I sold two books.

An excellent motivator.

Bon voyage!

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