Learning to Be an Author Entrepreneur

This afternoon my son and I went for a walk in the freezing cold spring sunshine. We looked at the amazing houses in our neighbourhood and discussed what our dream house would look like. He said his room would have a pool. I said cleaning his room would then also involve cleaning the pool. (This… Read More

When Outlander Was Cross Stitch

Many years ago my mother bought a book in an airport. I can’t remember exactly when it was, but I seem to recall it being one of those times when a flight was delayed for three hours. For years, she tried to get me interested in reading this book. It was called Cross Stitch by Diana… Read More

Writing Lessons I Learned From Gardening Part II

This afternoon, before the rain came back, I spent a couple of hours pulling up dead flowers. At least I think they were flowers. I remember doing the same thing last year, but I can’t remember exactly what they looked like when they bloomed. Well, whatever they were, lots of bending down, pulling up and… Read More

Writing Lessons I Learned From Gardening Part I

When I was a kid I hated gardening. Gardening = pulling weeds = chores = BOOOOOOORING! But now that I have a garden, I find I love spending time in it. Although not pulling weeds, that part still equals boring. Yesterday afternoon I was raking leaves, cutting the grass, getting everything ready for summer. I filled… Read More

The Mystery of the Missing Milk Steamer

It’s a cliché to say that every author sits up later, knocking back strong coffee beneath a swirling ceiling of cigarette smoke. I quit smoking fourteen years ago and I’m more of a latte than an espresso person. Maybe someone else can knock back a latte, but I can’t. My morning latte is quite a… Read More

48 Flights of Stairs Later

Today I did something I haven’t done since I was 10 and dressed up as a witch practising the Danish equivalent of trick-of-treat (rasler for Fastelavn) : I went door-to-door asking people for money. This morning people all over Denmark got up, gathered together at various schools and kindergartens, picked up pamphlets and collection boxes, and… Read More