Writing Lessons I Learned From Gardening Part I

When I was a kid I hated gardening.

Gardening = pulling weeds = chores = BOOOOOOORING!

But now that I have a garden, I find I love spending time in it. Although not pulling weeds, that part still equals boring.

Yesterday afternoon I was raking leaves, cutting the grass, getting everything ready for summer.

I filled my first bag of leaves.


Because my son was telling me about an idea he has for a novel, I started thinking about first drafts.

That’s what this bag of leaves is.

A first draft.

It looks finished. It looks as though this bag is now perfectly filled and nothing more can possible be put into it. After all, I have to  be able to close it or I might just as well shovel the leaves directly into the car and drive to the dump.

It’s done and I’m ready to go!

But no.

It’s a first draft.

Which means that so much of it is nothing but air and fluff. So I push down on the bag to press all the air out of it.

IMG_2204Which means that what I am now left with is half the size, but much more compact.


More controlled.

So I pile more leaves into the bag and do it again.

And again.

Which means I end up with three full bags instead of seven.

And a lot less cakes in Chocolates in the Ocean.


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