Learning to Be an Author Entrepreneur

This afternoon my son and I went for a walk in the freezing cold spring sunshine. We looked at the amazing houses in our neighbourhood and discussed what our dream house would look like. He said his room would have a pool. I said cleaning his room would then also involve cleaning the pool. (This room is probably too girly for him.)


As we passed this one incredible looking place with a trampoline in the garden, he asked me when I would make enough money from my book to let us live in a place like that.

I think my response was a cross between a ‘heh’ and an ‘um.’

Houses like that go for around the equivalent of $1,000,000.


I think we’re a long way off that.

But at least I can definitely say that I’ve made more money from my book in the last five months than I have in the previous two years.

And it’s all down to five things.

All things I wish I’d known when I started trying to be an author entrepreneur.

All things it took me a long time to learn.

All things I’m going to start sharing.

I hope that someone will benefit from my experience and won’t have to wait two years to see people read their book. Because there really is nothing like seeing that people are reading your book.

I’ll get back to working on that. After I check my Amazon stats again.

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