My Life With AMS

I kept thinking about everything I have learned as an author entrepreneur. In the end, I decided to focus on the one thing that has made all the difference to me.


So that’s what I am doing at the moment. Putting together a useful little email guide that shows authors how to start making money on Amazon. Not ‘Ten Secret to Six Figure Success’ but how to go from nothing to something.

That encouragement made such a difference to me and my writing.

Would I like six figure success?

Of course I would, I’m not an idiot.

But what I really would have found most useful in the beginning was knowing how just to get some sales. Not a guide to experience exponential growth in your email list (what email list?) or how to turn your first book into a freebie. (I haven’t finished the second one yet!)

Very basic but things I know work.

And I’ll share it for free.

Including how AMS (Amazon Marketing Services) is more destructive than being in a mentally abusive relationship, because you compulsively check your stats every few minutes hours days and want to tear your hair out when nothing happens. Like today.

Just one more sale. Come on …

Just read a few more pages. Come on …

I need help!

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