Amazon, an Island and a Click

AMS and I are going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment. In the true spirit of silver linings, it’s forced me to look at our relationship from other angles. (I still think it’s far more fun to think of AMS as Angry Mad Scientist rather than Amazon Marketing Services. I don’t think I have a relationship with Amazon, just to be clear.)

Ever since the last week in March, it has not been quite as smooth sailing as I was beginning to get accustomed to. So being forced to explore more options lead me back to the Sponsored Products Ads.

I discovered that it is possible to set your own keywords and run very targeted campaigns. The first click borrowed my book from Kindle Direct and read it all the way through in one night! The second click also started reading, as did the third.


Do you know which keyword got me my first result? You’ll never guess.


Someone who loves islands ran that search and decided to read a novel that takes places on a tranquil Danish island. Maybe the Great Dane and the romance helped a little.

I will crack the Amazon algorithm and find a way to keep showing my ads.

In the meantime I’m learning a lot while creating my quick guide to getting started with Amazon.

And editing the sequel to Chocolates in the Ocean. Really mustn’t forget that part.

Author: Eva O'Reilly

Writer, avid reader, large dog lover, cake baker and Francophile. Living in hope of finding either a literary agent or a large audience on Amazon.

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