Summer Holiday

One thing I do miss since I got to the point where I can call myself an adult with a mortgage and a drawer full of bills, is the long summer holiday. Those seven – eight weeks of no schedules, no responsibilities, nowhere to be and nothing to do. Those few weeks were often enough… Read More

Editing Comes to Life

Sometimes timing is so perfect you think there must be a higher power planning our days for us. Like this Sunday morning. I was sitting at my dining room table, well into my second latte of the morning, hard at work editing Chocolates on My Pillow. I had reached the point in the story where… Read More

Countdown Mania!

I am in the middle of my best ever Kindle Countdown Deal. I’ve been on cloud nine since Thursday evening but, unwilling to jinx it, nobody knows except my son. But I noticed in my previous Kindle Countdown deals that once the weekend was over they tended to run out of steam. And sure enough, it has.… Read More

Black Pearls of Wisdom, Savvy

Last night my son and I took an extremely spur of the moment trip to the cinema to see Pirates of the Caribbean – Salazaar’s Revenge. Or Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell No Tales depending on where in the world you are. Don’t worry, no spoilers! Just go and see it. When the whole… Read More