Countdown Mania!

I am in the middle of my best ever Kindle Countdown Deal. I’ve been on cloud nine since Thursday evening but, unwilling to jinx it, nobody knows except my son. But I noticed in my previous Kindle Countdown deals that once the weekend was over they tended to run out of steam. And sure enough, it has. But oh while it lasted …

In the past four days I have sold more books than in any previous month!

Thirty-four books sold!

To me it might as well have been thirty-four million, the euphoria at seeing those figures could not have been greater. Especially when you consider that six months ago I hadn’t even managed to sell thirty-four books in two years.

My previous record for most books sold in a day was four. I had a secret hope of it one day soon being five. Then May happened which was my worst month for sales since I started using Amazon ads, although lost of people borrowed it through KDP Select, and five seemed like a pipe dream.

Then Thursday it happened. Just before I went to sleep. By the time I was awake and the Americans had gone to sleep, it had climbed up to nine. Last night it hit ten. And more Kindle Normalised Pages read than ever before.

The deal is still running, I have three more days to go. Maybe I’ll make it to forty sales.

I have no idea why this deal has taken off in ways no other Countdown Deal ever did. The only difference I can think of is that I am now using Sponsored Product Ads on Amazon as well as Product Display Ads.

I hope I will get my sales back to pre-May levels once the deal is over. Or maybe a little better.

We can but dream – and work hard to make them come true!

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 21.56.13

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