Editing Comes to Life

Sometimes timing is so perfect you think there must be a higher power planning our days for us.

Like this Sunday morning.

I was sitting at my dining room table, well into my second latte of the morning, hard at work editing Chocolates on My Pillow. I had reached the point in the story where Anne is getting ready for Émile’s fourth birthday party. He’s grown a lot since she walked out of that hospital at the end of Chocolates in the Ocean. There were buns to be buttered, cucumber sticks to be sliced, juice to be poured and – of course – cake. There were flags on the lawn and little paper cups. Just as I was day-dreaming about her chocolate cake with little fondant LEGO bricks, I looked out of the window.

What did I see in the garden below?

A mother planting flags on the lawn, bringing out little paper cups and cucumber sticks. A little boy in his best, special-occasions-only outfit impatiently asking when his birthday guest were coming.

I wondered what they thought of the crazy lady from upstairs who kept watching them and smiling. It was almost as though my book was coming to life around me. All that was missing was … well no, that would be giving away too much. But I have to admit I kept glancing out of the window to see if it turned out to be that accurate.

If it had, I’d have fallen off my chair.

I think I’ll have to make these cupcakes this weekend.

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