When Outlander Was Cross Stitch Part II

A while ago I talked about how much my mother has always loved Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. Last week we were talking about old times and good books before bed and I asked her lend me the book. I remember trying to read it as a teenager and not getting into it at all. Perhaps… Read More

A Tranquil Island

I owe an old friend of mine a long email. Earlier this week he told me had started reading Chocolates in the Ocean again. I thought it was sweet of him to let me know – what author doesn’t want to know when someone is reading their novel – and I loved the way he… Read More

The Boredom of the Short Distance Runner

Everyone seems to be running these days. You have to look at least twice before you cross the road or risk getting knocked over by someone in lycra, bearing down on you and panting. It’s funny how they all have this pained expression of their faces, as though they’d much rather be at home with… Read More