Back to Life, Back to Reality

A few nights ago I found one of my old diaries from that brief period in my life when I would confide my innermost thoughts to a notebook every day. I noticed that during periods away from the daily routine, I had a tendency to make plans, dream dreams and vow that things would be different. But as soon as the old routine reared its head, all those plans and dreams seemed to fade away. Then I would make the same plans, dream the same dreams and make the same vows.

I remember coming back home after a particularly significant summer. 1994, the first time I went to France, the first time I fell in love. I went to one of my girlfriend’s for a sleepover and to gush about everything that had happened. Her response: playing Back to Life (However Do You Want Me). Her meaning: it’s back to reality now and goodbye to the holiday dreams. Ironically enough, she’s now a life coach helping people to realise their dreams.

But I think it’s something we’ve all done. Come back from holiday full of big plans and new ideas, only to see them vanish before we’ve even realised it. Because it’s so easy when we’re sitting around the pool to think that we can take our holiday life back into our real life. That we can sip sangria and have baguettes for breakfast at home and it will be just life it was on holiday.

I’ve done it.

It’s the routine. Nothing kills creativity and dreams like routines. In my opinion.

That’s why I love my day job. There’s nothing routine about it. Instead of spending five minutes talking about what we did this summer and then back to work, we started at Starbucks. Then I booked myself a business trip to Paris and finished the day by having champagne, macarons and a facial.

So it may be time to go back to reality, but in this reality it is just possible that I can keep chasing those dreams and making those plans.

Nothing wrong with optimism!

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