Pick a Card, Any Card

Yesterday, as I was coming back from lunch, I saw a cotton bud on the floor of the lift (that’s Q-tip and elevator for the Americans out there). A few hours later, when I got off the train, I saw another one on the station steps. It got me thinking back to a story I once… Read More

The Book of YES

A few days ago I went into town to run some errands before the heavens opened and sent me running back to the sofa with a large caffe latte and a good book. Which actually turned into me in floods of tears at the end of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies and my… Read More

An Autumn Author

There’s something so enchanting about the autumn. The morning mist, the leaves changing colour, the crisp scent in the air … the time for boots, scarves and candles. The most wonderful time to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. To read or to write. I love the autumn. Some of my… Read More

Rounding Off Another Year

A few years ago, I stayed up late the night before my birthday and I made two lists. One for everything I felt I had achieved in the year that had just passed, and one for all the things I wanted to achieve during the coming year. Every year since then, I steal a few… Read More

How Young is Too Young For a Midlife Crisis?

It’s my birthday in a few days. I’m entering the last year of my thirties. That doesn’t bother me. Just like turning thirty didn’t bother me. Next year won’t find me weeping and rending my garments as I enter a new decade. But something is nagging me. Something pinches at the back of my mind.… Read More