Rounding Off Another Year

A few years ago, I stayed up late the night before my birthday and I made two lists.

One for everything I felt I had achieved in the year that had just passed, and one for all the things I wanted to achieve during the coming year.

Every year since then, I steal a few minutes to myself on this day, and I draw up those two lists again.

The lists are deeply personal and some of the achievements might seem very small when viewed from the outside. They might not even be achievements, they might just be things I’m glad I did. Like one of the points on tonight’s “Year That Was” list: finally made it back to Paris.

There are moments when it feels as though time flies by. As though the baby you held in your arms grew up the moment you blinked. So stop. Remember the last 365 days. The little things that made you happy. The things that you will strive for during the next 365 days.

When I look back at last year’s list, I’ve achieved a lot of the things I set out to achieve. It’s good to be held accountable. Even if it is just to yourself.

This was the year I really got into promoting my books and starting seeing some sales.

It was the year I finally got the flat in Copenhagen I’ve wanted for the past 14 years.

It was the year I realised that buying clothes means finding the size that fits – not buying the smallest size I was able to squeeze into because anything bigger meant I was fat.

Next year will be the year I publish the sequel to Chocolates in the Ocean.

It will be the year I stop procrastinating.

It will be year I (re)discover a passion. I’m thinking baking.

Happy Birthday to me.


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