An Autumn Author

There’s something so enchanting about the autumn. The morning mist, the leaves changing colour, the crisp scent in the air … thehouseboat sunrise copenhagen october time for boots, scarves and candles. The most wonderful time to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. To read or to write.

I love the autumn. Some of my most cherished memories are of long walks through the autumn mist, the decaying leaves crunching underfoot. For me, autumn is time for new beginnings. For new dreams, new emotions, new adventures.


This past week has been wonderful because people have been buying and borrowing Chocolates in the Ocean again. Every time I see another sale or notification of pages read, my heart skips a little beat. I love that my book is out there in the autumn mist, being enjoyed with those cups of tea.

But new beginnings beckon. For a long time I’ve had an idea in my head for my third novel. (Yes, I know the second one isn’t finished yet.) Monday morning was so beautiful I decided to forgo the train and walk to work. My route took my down past some of the houseboats moored permanently in Copenhagen. My uncle always said I could seasick just from looking at a sailor, but I have a fancy to let one of the characters in this third novel live on a houseboat.

It’s a life I’ll never know, but it might be fun to explore it. I might call her Kristine.

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