The Book of YES

A few days ago I went into town to run some errands before the heavens opened and sent me running back to the sofa with a large caffe latte and a good book. Which actually turned into me in floods of tears at the end of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies and my son rolling his eyes and saying, ‘There there. Look, he’s not really dead. Thorin’s back again, see.’

But back to those errands.

I went to the bookshop. Not because I needed anything, just because … well, it’s the bookshop. I was, as always, drawn to the notebook section.


And I found The Book of YES.

I left it on the shelf, telling myself the last thing I needed was another notebook, but then I went back to it. I was drawn to it. It was the most inspirational book I had seen in years. It spoke to me.

The Book of YES.

YES to inspiration.

YES to dreams.

YES to striving to build the life I want.

YES to giving it all I can and committing myself to my writing.

YES to happiness, to love, to life.

YES to anything I choose.

So now, every day, I am going to write in my Book of YES. I am going to write down all the things I want to say YES to. And I’m going to find out why I struggle with some of them and why sometimes I still feel like I should be saying NO.

What’s in your Book of YES?



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