Pick a Card, Any Card

Yesterday, as I was coming back from lunch, I saw a cotton bud on the floor of the lift (that’s Q-tip and elevator for the Americans out there). A few hours later, when I got off the train, I saw another one on the station steps. It got me thinking back to a story I once read where the protagonist collects playing cards he finds on the street. As I walked home, I thought that I’d never seen any playing cards lying on the street, so someone collecting enough for a whole deck could only be fiction!


Then this morning, on the way to work as the sun was slowly creeping over the rooftops, I looked down and saw … a playing card!

That got me thinking … People say that when you focus your mind on something you begin to manifest it. You see the things you seek out. The explanation is simple: our mind has to deal with so many impressions each day that, in order to cope, it has to filter them out.

But once you start focusing on them, they will begin to manifest themselves in your life. If you’re thinking of buying a Honda, you’ll suddenly see nothing but Hondas on the road. (My first car was a Honda and I still miss my Brumm Brumm.)

So what else do I want to focus on besides random things I find in the street?

Finishing Chocolates On My Pillow.

Getting an agent.

Saying, ‘Yes,’ to the things I want in my life.

Getting more sales for Chocolates in the Ocean.

What do you want to focus on?

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