Back on the Barricade

From I was 14 till I was almost 18, I lived and breathed musicals.

Every day I sang, I danced/pranced around my room, I waved an umbrella over my head like a musket with a French flag wrapped around my waist. It was my life, my passion, my love.

But time moved on. For the past 20 years (oh my god now I feel old) I haven’t really sung that much about life. I could give some clichéd remark about how I’ve been busy living it, but the truth is I often feel like I’ve moved away from myself. In those rare moments when something has reminded me of my old passion – a trip to the theatre, Les Mis in concert – I have felt like myself again. Happy, passionate, in a world filled with new possibilities.

This weekend, during a long trip in the car, my son introduced me to Hamilton. He wanted to listen to it because they rap. I said yes because he said the word ‘musical’.

It was like opening a door to a beautiful past. All I want to do now is sing, write … create. Be passionate again.

This weekend someone asked me what I really wanted to do. With my life. I’m a bit old to be asked what I want to do when I grow up, but I always feel like it’s implied. The answer is still the same: I want to be a writer. Why didn’t I say that? Because the response is always the same: You can’t live off that. Pick something else.

No. I won’t.

I want to be a writer. And listening to Hamilton in the car this weekend brought me right back to myself. To the real me. The one who writes, who dreams, who has passion for what she does. Maybe I sound like I’m 14 again but that’s how I feel tonight.

I’ve even been listening to Les Mis again.

The challenge for me is to find the way to keep that feeling alive when I go back to work tomorrow. Even if it is for a French company!


Author: Eva O'Reilly

Writer, avid reader, large dog lover, cake baker and Francophile. Living in hope of finding either a literary agent or a large audience on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Back on the Barricade

  1. I grew up enjoying musicals. My parents took my sister and I to see musical movies and stage musicals. In elementary school (don’t remember seeing), my parents took us to see Cats, Seussical the Musical, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, and I saw musical movies such as Grease, Annie, and Sound of Music.

    But in 2006, a very meaningful and special musical entered my life. I went to New York with my mom and she took me to see Wicked. That musical sparked my love for musicals. I was only 12 and the only thing I remember was that “Popular” was my favorite song from the musical. Despite that, the impact clearly shows. Wicked was how I began to understand the emotional side of musicals. I began to understand what it means to have a strong emotional connection.

    Then in 2012, I saw the musical movie of Les Mis. Until I could make a decision on whether or not I loved the musical, I had to see the musical movie a second time. The first, I was shocked and confused about it being tragic because I grew up interpreting ALL musicals as happy so I wasn’t used to the tragic genre in musicals. I was already aware of sad being existent in musicals but had no idea I was 100% blind to heartbreak. Les Mis was a musical I would develop a passionate and obsessive love for. This musical challenged my recent view of musicals and it would that current love of musicals into a passion.

    I also love Newsies, Phantom of the Opera, Music Man, Pippin, Rent, South Pacific, Annie, Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast among others. So I really love musicals and my blog clearly shows that

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