It’s Hard to Say Goodbye When You Won’t Leave

For the past week or so I’ve been thinking that it might be time for me to break up with my Angry Mad Scientist. Or if not break up, at least I should start seeing other people. The beauty of my early relationship with AMS (which is really Amazon Marketing Services, not Angry Mad Scientist) was that people both bought and borrowed my book. That beautiful romance lasted about three months. Then it dipped. Came back. Dipped again. Peaked like crazy in June on a Kindle Countdown Deal and has been waning ever since.

Not many people are buying and no one is borrowing.

I still don’t get the Amazon algorithm.

I was doing so well at my recommended $0.15 per click. Then someone gave a seminar on how to make money as an author on Amazon and suddenly my $0.15 were not enough anymore. So I raised it to $0.20 and then $0.30 a click. Still I get nothing.

Ever since Amazon gave me $25 of free advertising as an apology for messing up their stats, my ads have barely been shown. You’d think it would have been the opposite. You’d have expected them to get me to use up those free credits fast so I could get back to giving them money again. But apparently it doesn’t work that way.

But I digress.

Last night I decided to start exploring other options. I am only exclusive with Amazon to be part of the KDP Lending Library but, like I said, no one is borrowing. Guess what happened then!

Just before I went to bed … a sale!

This morning … a loan. And two more sales!

Makes me wonder just how much Amazon really knows about me, and how far they will go to keep a customer.

Or perhaps it’s true then when you focus your mind on what you want, great things can happen. Maybe my Angry Mad Scientist isn’t the only one to blame if this relationship goes South…


Author: Eva O'Reilly

Writer, avid reader, large dog lover, cake baker and Francophile. Living in hope of finding either a literary agent or a large audience on Amazon.

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