Return of the Nerd Girl

This afternoon my son and I went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi (no spoilers, I promise). Just … oh my god. Best movie ever. That was our reaction when we left, open-mouthed, and with sore hands from all the clapping. The pre-movie light show set the tone and it was incredible from start to finish.

I don’t think I’ve ever been to see a movie where the audience spontaneously begins clapping and cheering when favourite characters come on screen. (Still, no spoilers.) But wow. What an amazing atmosphere. lego yoda

And I thought how wonderful it must feel to create something that touches so many people’s lives. Something that causes audiences to cheer and clap and woo hoo. Something that I loved as a child that my son now gets to experience as part of his childhood. Fortunately he wasn’t scarred by the time my mother showed him The Phantom Menace; for a while I was worried that having that as his first Star Wars experience would have put him off for life.

All in all, an amazing afternoon. Even the half hour we had to wait with our drinks and popcorn on the floor because there were no more tables. We both put on our headphones and started listening to Hamilton. I haven’t felt that way about a musical since Les Mis. I even found out that I can come with our new Activity Based Seating at work if I can listen to musicals during working hours. So I went to buy some headphones.

Yeah, Nerd Girl is back.

And Nerd Girl is writing. Like I’m running out of time.


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