If All Life Were Like Christmas

Yesterday afternoon I was working from home. Enjoying to the full the chance to sit in my own office and not have to move around, toting my things in a big felt bag thanks to the geniuses who came up with this newfangled Activity Based Seating concept. Boy, do I have a few choice words to say to them. But I digress.

While my systems were crashing and computers rebooting, I was also watching a Christmas movie on my iPad. Hey, it’s the holidays and no one was in a hurry to reply to anything I sent out anyway. Thank you, Netflix. It did get me thinking … all Christmas movies have more or less the same theme. Spoiled/corporate/unloving person learns compassion and begins to care about someone other than themselves. Thank you, Charles Dickens. It’s usually a lesson they learn in a community where the pace of life is slower, where people still greet each other on the street and where charity is not just for Christmas.


Why is it only at Christmas that we feel this way? Why is it only at Christmas that we can slow down? If the life we really want is the one we see in these movies, why are we working so hard not to lead it? We’re told to run to the big city, chase the promotion, climb to the top, become a success. But, and I know I’ve said this before, we adore movies where people say NO! to all that. And they always find happiness.

A slower pace. A world where we are not frantically checking our phones every minute to find validation or make sure we didn’t miss something. Something that probably is not even remotely important anyway.

So today, I will slow down.

I will bake Christmas tree-shaped biscuit with my son. I will decorate the tree with him and my parents. I will light candles, listen to Christmas music.

I will breathe deeply and enjoy the peace of this tranquil space.


If I get through the morning where I’ll be stressing because my parents are arriving in five hours and I still need to wash the windows and the floors, deal with the dust and tidy a lot of things away. And go shopping for the whipped cream that was sold out yesterday (?!) and the meat I’ll need for the Beef Wellington my father has requested. (Last year I wasn’t sure he’d be here this Christmas so whatever he wants, he gets.)

I can’t wait for them to arrive.

I really should get going!

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