New Year’s Eve Brownie

It’s Sunday, it’s New Year’s Eve and, as promised, it’s my first cake post.

New Year’s Eve is such a strange day. All you’re really doing is waiting for the moment when it ends, i.e. midnight. So let’s kill some time in the kitchen. Last night I was writing till long past midnight so I’ll admit to being a little tired. I’m writing about Robespierre and Robespierre loved cake, although I don’t think he’d ever heard of any of the ones I had considered for today.

I had planned on Baked Alaska but my son vetoed anything to do with meringue. Then my parents bought ice cream and chocolate so I needed something that would go well with that. I also needed something I could prepare in advance.

Enter brownies.

Ever popular. Ever delicious. Ever so good with ice cream and chocolate sauce.

This is a recipe I originally got from Maja Vase. Love her stuff!

You need:

120g dark chocolate
60g butter
2 eggs
180g sugar
30g flour
A pinch of sea salt
Small chocolate chunks. I usually buy 200g, use 120g for the main recipe and chop up the other 80g into rough chunks. If I have some other chocolate lying around – white, caramel etc. – I chop that up too.

What to do:

Put 120g of chocolate and the butter into a bowl and melt it over a bain marie.

New Year's Eve Brownie

Beat the eggs and sugar together and add the chocolate mixture.

Add the flour and salt.

Add the chocolate chunks. You can also add M&Ms.

Line a small, square baking tray with greaseproof paper.

Bake at a 175C for about 25 minutes. This depends a lot on your oven. I usually check on it after about 20 minutes and sometimes that is enough. It should still be a little runny when you take it out.

Leave to cool (overnight in the fridge if possible) and enjoy.

Tonight I will use brownie squares as a base, top them off with ice cream and chocolate sauce, decorate with fresh raspberries and add some sparkle.

Happy New Year!

See you for lots more writing and lots more cakes in 2018 ❤


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