I wrote this post last year, but I woke up this morning knowing it was a brand new year and that one very important thing needed to change. My relationship with Amazon. Because right now this feels like a relationship gone bad – I’m doing everything they wanted and they still won’t tell me what I’ve done to piss them off.

And you thought PMS was bad …

You’ve never been near someone suffering from AMS!

A.k.a. Amazon Marketing Services. The joy and torment of every indie author / author entrepreneur / self-publisher / whatever the term du jour is.

We check that graph every day.

Who are we kidding, we check that graph every hour. Every half hour. Every I-just-had-a-premonition-I-sold-something moment.

When the spikes go up it’s exhilarating. People are buying, people are borrowing and reading.

But when the spikes go down or, even worse, flatline it’s like the end of the world.

Was it something I did?

Something I wrote?

Something I posted?

Why is no one reading it anymore? (The last uttered in a heartrending voice like a small child on the verge of sobs.)

You start to come up with all kinds of theories …

Maybe I’m focusing too much energy on it. That’s bad.

Maybe I’m not focusing enough energy on it. That’s bad.

Maybe everyone who would ever read it has read it now, and my time as a writer is over. That’s bad.

Maybe I was too complacent / arrogant to think I had it all sorted now just because I was selling / lending a copy a day. That’s bad.

Maybe it’s bad karma. Oops.

Maybe this ad has run it’s course and it’s time to come up with a new one … ah ha!

Maybe I should just have some chocolate and hope it’s all better in the morning.

But it’s been almost a week!

Sigh …

Pass the chocolate.

Hold the chocolate. No more waiting. 

I was exclusively with Amazon because it allowed people to borrow my book. But if no one is doing that anymore why not branch out? Maybe even here. 

Why not?

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