Boys – Better in Books

You never forget your first love.

You never forget your greatest love.

You never forget your fictional loves and if you’re a romantic who reads, then I guarantee you’ve had at least one. Come on, admit it. You know you want to.

The two that still tug at my heart when I see or read them are Thorin Oakenshield and Enjolras. I adored The Hobbit trilogy but don’t even talk to me about that dreadful Les Mis movie.


This summer I will see Enjolras again. He will stand right in front of me, wave his musket and build his barricade, and when they shoot him I will try frantically to control my tears and not embarrass my son. Right now just the thought of seeing him again makes me want to rush through spring and get to mid-summer asap. Well, it has been almost fifteen years.

Once my godmother gave my mother and I tickets so we could see Les Mis in London. I remember walking around the city all day, so excited I could barely eat. I remember seeing posters on buses and feeling at each sighting like a million butterflies had been released in my stomach. The smile didn’t leave my face. We went to Foyles bookshop and I spent all my holiday money in the French Revolution section.

Tonight I make Enjolras and the younger me who loved him this promise. I will have a first draft of my Robespierre novel ready when we meet again.

Hamilton (yes, we’re seeing that too!) lyrics still won’t stop running through my head, and each time I get to this one I want to forget I’m at work and just sing out loud:

I’m crossing the ocean and I just can’t wait …
You won’t be an ocean away, you’ll only be a moment away

You never forget your great loves.

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