Birthday Cookies for … Hamilton?

I had vague plans for this evening. There was something about a book, a notebook, copious amount of tea – research mode. But then we discovered that today is Hamilton’s birthday and since my son and I fling lyrics at each other all day, he said we had to celebrate and make cake. Unfortunately our fridge only yielded a single egg and a small amount of butter, so cake was not an option. Because going out shopping in the freezing cold at 6 p.m. was definitely not an option! I like Hamilton a lot, but I have to draw the line somewhere.

Hamilton Chocolate Cookies

Fortunately I have a very chocolatey cookie recipe that only requires a single egg and a small amount of butter. And from now on, those cookies will be known as Hamiltons around the house. If it were Sunday I’d share the recipe but it’s Thursday. You’ll have to come back next week.

Before you ask, no I don’t find it strange that my son wanted to bake cake to celebrate the birthday of someone who is long gone. When I was young I baked cake for Robespierre and Rousseau and wore black on the days they died.

Stop that! I can practically hear you rolling your eyes. You try wearing black in the heat of summer. Not fun.

I just think it’s wonderful that there’s something in my son’s life that he’s so passionate about. So while I have tea and another cookie, I’ll encourage you to go and chase your passions.

Go to an art museum, a dance class, a zoo. Go for a run. Go play eighteen holes. Sing at the top of your lungs, get out your grandmother’s old crochet patterns. Study that historical period you’ve always found fascinating, learn the names of all the constellations.

When you’re passionate about something, it can brighten even the dullest day. When you’re falling asleep in front of your screen or frustrated with whatever is bugging you at work, remember you have a passion. And once you’re on your way home, you can dive into your passion again. It can fill your world with colour even when everything else is grey and beige.

So happy birthday, Alexander Hamilton. And thank you for bringing passion back into my life.

What passions will you chase today?

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