Thursday is Cake Day

Thursday is Cake Day in the cafeteria. It’s also Vegetarian Day or all-other-foods-suck day. Nothing against vegetarians, some (okay one) of my best friends is vegetarian, but in our cafeteria vegetarian food seems large to consist of kidney beans and/or curry. Big pass on both of those. You should have seen my reaction when a guy I once dated brought curry to a dinner party at my house. I knew then and there this relationship was never going to be a winner.

Carrot cake today which is a big favourite of mine. Without nuts which was even better; it’s such a pain to have to sit them and pick them all out.

See, this is Denmark and we’re very big on cake. And pastries. But we’d commit collective suicide before we’d ever put cheese in one of our pastries, so when we hear the words Cheese Danish we have a really big urge to hit someone. What is it with Americans and cheese? I once ordered escargots Stateside and it came with melted cheese on top!

carrot cake hamilton

At the office we look forward to Thursday all week. We know the food will suck that day, but we hope the cake will make up for it. (We think that’s why they moved Cake Day to Thursday, it used to be Wednesdays.) It’s such a little thing, as you can see from the size of the slice, but it gets to mean so much.

It means it’s almost Friday. It means we might take a break before we go back to work after lunch and enjoy our cake together over a cup of coffee. On the unfortunately not so rare occasions when the cake just wasn’t worth the calories, you see slices of cake in every food recycling bin and it suddenly seems like everyone is a bad mood.

Cake reminds me of my grandmother. I can’t remember how many afternoons I spent in her kitchen after school, helping her bake. If she didn’t bake cake, she bought it. Anytime someone came to visit, there would always be coffee and cake on the table. She taught me how to do crossword puzzles. Her name was Eva, too. She was diagnosed with lung cancer when I was 20 and died not even 5 months later. But sometimes, especially when I’m baking, I could swear she’s standing right beside me.

I hope she knows how much I miss her.

6 thoughts on “Thursday is Cake Day

  1. I want a cake day! The cheese is a cream cheese. I don’t even know why they call it cheese. It’s more like a frosting just a little less sweet. So sorry about your grandma. Keep writing!


      1. Right? I never got that either, but cheese cake is amazing! Plus, it’s not even cake, it’s more like a pie! Whatever it is though, it is amazing. You should try it. -Robert

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  2. Ah, cake … or ///c//a//k//e by which I mean layer cake, with frosting between the layers. Sheet cake is certainly easy for travel and easy for cutting different size slices. But a layer cake is the real thing (to me). It’s a pity, but restaurants seem to think cake is mundane. I spent a week on vacation/holiday and each dining establishment offered “cheese cake” (see above), “flourless cake,” “short cake,” or some other creation that borrowed the word but didn’t deliver the truth. I suppose I’m rather particular about this, but EVERY day could be “Cake Day,” enjoyed with a side of Hamiltunes as shown in your photo. 🙂

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    1. Ooh that would be nice – layer cake with lots of gooey frosting. It’s true, you don’t see that a lot anymore. Seems like a lot of restaurants don’t feel they need to make an effort with dessert. If they did I would definitely have dessert when I go out to eat.


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