The Saturday I Puréed a Smurf

Every Saturday and Sunday morning, I have the same ritual. I refuse to call it a routine, because we all know I hate those. I wake up, fire up my beloved Nespresso machine, and I write. I write while I sip coffee and look out over the water. As the sun comes up and the winter darkness slowly dispels, I shape my characters’ worlds around them. They take on more substance, grow stronger as the minutes tick past. I love these quiet weekend mornings for their peace, and for the knowledge that I have nothing else to do and nowhere else to be. These few precious hours are my pure space to do what I love the most.

This is a weekend where nothing will happen. My son is still sick so we’re not going anywhere. Since I also wasn’t feeling well yesterday (helpful hint: if you feel like you’re getting a sore throat/cold, squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water), we decided it was time to experiment with online grocery shopping. When that concept first saw the light of day, I point-blank refused ever to have anything to do with it. Since I was working part-time in a supermarket at the time to fund my Ph.D., and I imagined a bunch of greasy teenage boys getting sticky hands all over my cucumbers. I could see them choosing products with bad sell-buy dates to add to my cart or sneaking my chocolate Digestives into their own backpacks.

To be fair to online grocery shopping, the supermarket where I worked was so bad the only reason I shopped there because they gave me a discount and I was a student who needed to save wherever possible. I lost count of how many times I marked products for destruction, just to see them back on sale the next day. We’re talking meat that was so old it was green. Dairy products two weeks out of date but marked down with big stickers cleverly concealing that essential little fact. Needless to say, I quit that place and ran for the hills the first opportunity I got.

Fortunately, that was another time in another country, and several of my friends swear by this new place. I tried it and I might just be hooked now. Five big bags showed up with enough food to last at least a week. Plus two big bars of my favourite chocolate as a new customer gift. Since I used to work with more than just the tech side of -ecommerce, I love seeing businesses who do it well. And who would say no to free chocolate?

I will be hitting my juicer big time tomorrow and I got the excuse I needed to rearrange my kitchen cupboards. Which inspired me to start on the bathroom. Then I baked a cake (recipe tomorrow) and thought, ‘Oh my god, I’ve puréed a Smurf.’ My only regret is turning Smurf purée into cake and not cupcakes with vanilla frosting. That would be cool. Definitely next time.

It’s been one of those days where we’ve done nothing and been nowhere. But we’ve been happy at home, and happy together, and that’s enough. Sometimes those quiet times are the best times. All we need to make them completely perfect is a dog.

Oh yeah, and to not be sick.

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