Cookies for Books

I had something else in mind for today. But then, as I was walking home this evening, it began to snow. Instead of the rain that had been trying to sneak under my umbrella and smack me in the face, soft flakes began to fall. What had been a cold, damp trek home through the rain turned into a montage from a musical. Next time I’m wearing my pink rubber boots, walking 5km in heels is not a good idea.

I’ve walked that way so many times, but this was the first time in the snow. Snow changes everything. For a long time I’ve had an idea in my head for a story – and I know it’s an idea I’m serious about because it has its own notebook – but I’ve always felt that it just didn’t have enough substance to become a novel. As I rounded the corner, it dawned on me. It’s not a novel – it’s a short story!

This afternoon I read a great post on The Writer’s Path announcing a Short Story Competition. I think this is actually something I want to go for. For the absolute joy of finally writing that story if nothing else.

The other night, when I was thinking about the kind of writer I had imagined myself to be, short stories were not on the list. But why not? I think perhaps I’d come to associate short stories with university essays and feminist anthologies. But sometimes an idea can only go so far. Some stories are not meant to be long ones. Just like some relationships – ha ha.

When I got home I could hear a what sounded suspiciously like live music. I can only imagine that someone in the building has acquired a piano and apparently the sound insulation is not as good as I thought it was. Apologies to all those neighbours who have heard us belting out Les Mis and Hamilton lyrics over the past three months. Doesn’t mean we’ll stop, but it’s the thought that counts.

But well-played Beethoven aside, a GIANT thank you to whoever out there is reading Chocolates in the Ocean on Kindle Unlimited. That was the perfect end to an extremely exhausting week. If I could I’d send you cookies. A big patch of my double chocolate Hamiltons.

It was the perfect motivation to spend the evening writing its sequel. Not that I need an excuse to get out the Digestives.

Friday writing

4 thoughts on “Cookies for Books

  1. Hi Eva. Thanks for sharing the news about the contest. I’m like you, where the idea of being a short story author made me feel less of an author, for some reason. But on my private pen name, I’ve published dozens of them, and honestly, I really enjoy it. Heck, I may never go back to writing novel-length books. We all have our own path.

    Good luck with your contest entry!

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