The Power of Focus

For the past few weeks, a lot of my focus has been going towards the same thing: winter. I want winter and I want it now! I want snow, I want the harbour to freeze, I want to play outside and feel the frost sting my cheeks. You’re never too old to build a snowman and go barrelling down a hill on a toboggan fifty times in one afternoon. When you come back inside there’s hot chocolate with whipped cream and a fresh pair of warm socks so you can curl up with a book.

We’ve had snow on and off since Friday. Enough for a little of it to stay on the ground. This morning when I woke up, the harbour had finally frozen.

Now, I’m not saying that I have focused so much on winter that I have made it snow. If I thought that, I would say that someone should look into having me committed. Preferably right now.

But stay with me on this. Our minds receive so many impressions during any given day that we have to filter them out. If we noticed every single little thing going on around us we’d

a) never get anything done
b) go nuts

If I had not been so desperate for snow, seeing the harbour frozen today would never have meant so much to me. I wouldn’t have stopped twice to just stare at it and glory in the first sight of real winter. And oh that special February sunlight.

If you want a new job, you focus on everything you need in order to get it. When you want the perfect pair of new black boots, perfect black boots are all everyone else seems to be wearing. If you’ve decided to learn French, every novel you read suddenly has French in it and the Eiffel Tower is on every book cover.

So far in 2018 I have focused more on my writing than in the whole 2017 put together. I have finally finished the third draft of Chocolates on My Pillow and started on the fourth. I’m turning my not-long-enough-for-a-novel idea into a short story and entering it in a competition. I’m going to find myself a literary agent and make this the year that things really happen for me writing-wise.

Because that’s what I really want to do. If I don’t focus on it, don’t put my energy into it, it will never happen for me. I need to write. It’s what I love doing more than anything. Let’s see what will happen when I focus on it.

Anything you want to focus on?

6 thoughts on “The Power of Focus

    1. I remember the first thing I did an an adult that I thought was truly courageous. Every time after that, when faced with something that made me anxious, I would remember that time. I would take a deep breath and say to myself, ‘If I did that then I can do this.’ It wasn’t a miracle cure but it helped 😊

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  1. “If we noticed every single little thing going on around us we’d
    a) never get anything done
    b) go nuts”

    Rest easy; the rest of you (in the collective sense) can go about getting things done while I “go nuts” on your behalf. I notice (nearly) … every … single … (mostly unimportant) … thing! I’ll use your ultimate question to make a greater effort to focus on people, even if I have to look past some of those “things.” That’s not exactly the context of your post, but a chord was struck.

    P.S. If the chance arises, see the touching HBO documentary of a one-person play from the U.K. titled “Every Brilliant Thing.” It is a powerful statement about appreciating “every single little thing.”

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    1. I’m glad something struck a chord.
      And thanks for the HBO tip, I will have a look at that. Someone told me once to write down, every night, three things I was grateful for that day. I found doing that was a good way to focus on the little significant things that had happened that I might not really have paid attention to otherwise.


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