Social Media Headache

I was just reading a post on The Nerdy Lion about how to get life back into your blog. To my intense, humble delight this is not a problem I have right now, but I enjoy the Lion’s writing. However, once I finished reading, I wished I still had some Advil lying around. I’ve found that this is a standard reaction I have whenever I read about all the social media I should be on, but am not.

Instagram: yes, I’m there but I know I will never be able to use it to really promote my book. Simple answer, I don’t have the patience or the time to line up my book, my coffee, six candles and a cashmere throw and then spend an hour trying to shoot it from the right angle. When my son asks me to help him with his homework I can’t very well tell him to manage on his own because Mummy’s playing with filters.

Twitter: I used to be there and I’m thinking of going back, even though just the thought it is making me break out in hives. It’s about finding something to write about, finding people to follow, having to scroll through seven million thoughts each time I’m off line for more than ten minutes.

Facebook: no, no, no. Gave up almost two years ago and am not going back.

Pinterest: actually this one I wouldn’t mind, but I’ll have to learn how. Now the headache is back.

YouTube: I adore presenting to a crowd but I’m not sure I’m ready for the camera yet. What would I talk about?

It’s no wonder Millennials are stressed.

I love my blog. I love reaching out to other writers, learning about people’s work and lives in a real way, not just through an image or 140 characters. Ever since I committed to writing every day, I’ve only enjoyed it more. I think I’ve even sold two books because of it. It doesn’t sound like much but we all have to start somewhere. Still better than what I’m getting from Amazon at the moment.

The trouble is that if I really want to promote my book I can’t avoid these platforms. I spent long enough dreaming about it but not working for it, now I guess I have to put in the hours.

I need to do two things.

  1. Stay away from posts like that.
  2. Decide on one – just one – new media to focus on.
  3. Once I am happy using that one, I can move on to the next one.

Okay, three things.

Now I just need to decide on which one it’s going to be. Maybe I’ll read a little first. That will make the headache go away. If that doesn’t do it, there’s always cake.




Author: Eva O'Reilly

Writer, avid reader, large dog lover, cake baker and Francophile. Living in hope of finding either a literary agent or a large audience on Amazon.

23 thoughts on “Social Media Headache

  1. Awww it can be super stressful managing mutiple social media accounts, especially when it feels like no one is listening (*side eyes my twitter*). I think sticking to just one is a good idea. I try to find a way to make each one fun. Like pinterest I use for making story mood boards. And instagam is for pattern making, not strictly writing related.

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  2. I just do Facebook for my design work. Oh! I only post when I’m inspired. That way it’s never a burden. I don’t try to get followers (here either), which probably counter productive. But I enjoy what I do. Marketing through FB is really pretty straight forward and effective, if you can nail your target market! I just picked this up in the last year and a half. Something I was never interested in, as soon as I get adequate sales, I’m farming that part out!

    I don’t read much FB stuff, as it gets frustrating with politics and all…

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    1. I gave up on FB after my father got sick because I looked at my news feed and it all just seemed so utterly pointless. Why was I looking at things that happened in a workplace I hadn’t been in for five years and had only been too happy to leave? I’m afraid it translated into being fed up with the entire platform.

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      1. When I was more involved with it, it was frustrating because of what you mentioned. People express their ideal selves and accomplishments. I felt discouraged , as I was going through some rough patches… life changes.

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      2. I felt the same. Then I learned that one of the people with the most perfect online marriage was actually dealing with infidelity. That put everything in perspective for me and I saw it for what it really is. The face some people choose to show to the world, not the real world.

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      3. Indeed. I’m not sure how things are there. But here I spend less time with friends because of busy schedules. Yet they seem to have enough time for plenty of social media. It seems a fever!

        Some elements of it look like a developing global consciousness, a massive personality, but not exactly.

        All said, at the risk of sounding like a horrible person, it is a decent place to market…

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    1. I’m also getting a little fed up with social media in general. I’ve now seen people who can’t even pick somewhere to have coffee without checking reviews on six different sites, or who won’t believe there’s a post office round the corner because it hasn’t been reviewed on Google. The world is doomed 🙂

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  3. Social media takes a while to learn but once you do you can really get blog views from it. Twitter for me has been the most helpful. Also, have you thought about guest posting to help market your book?

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    1. I have heard good things about Twitter so that might be the one I go for.
      I have thought about guest posting but I always thought I’d need a much bigger audience before anyone would be interested. So that was more of a future than an immediate plan.

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