The Saxophone in the Supermarket

Saturday mornings are quiet little havens in the midst of hectic weeks. When I wake up before my son, I know I have at least an hour or two to do what I love most: write. I make myself a latte from my beloved Nespresso machine, I look across the water, and I write.

This morning was … special. I’m working on my short story for @aWritersPath and I am just in love with my main characters. I’ve never felt that way before. I think it’s because they are so much more fictional than anything I’ve done before. Yes yes, of course Chocolates in the Ocean is a work of fiction, any resemblance to characters living or dead is purely coincidental blah blah blah but … there is still so much of me in that book. We write what we know. But this short story never happened. Much as I might want it to.

wearing green saint patrick's day

My son reminded me that it was Saint Patrick’s Day and started by pinching me because I wasn’t wearing green. The argument that I was still in my pyjamas was apparently invalid because his pyjamas had green on them. So time to find a green outfit. I am a quarter Irish after all.

We had decided that today was going to be a shopping in the city day. By a pure stroke of luck, we stumbled across the donut shop that a friend of mine had told us about a few weeks ago. Their donut delivery was late, but if we were willing to wait fifteen minutes (which turned into twenty-five) they offered us free coffee and hot chocolate. We sat in a little basement coffee shop while the snow fell outside, and made up the story of The Great Donut Robbery. The donuts were absolutely worth the wait. I think my short story characters will have to go there and have the same experience.

Later, we found ourselves in one of those amazing shops that are made up of nothing but pens and notebooks. I’m so glad my son can geek out about those as much as I can. Speaking of geeking out, we spent most of the afternoon at Faraos Cigarer. If The Big Bang Theory was set in Copenhagen, you’d find the male cast there every weekend. Think Nerd’s Paradise. We finally got the doormat we’d been meaning to get since we moved. Sadly we lost our “Tired parents and happy kids live here” somewhere on route to Copenhagen to year ago. I also found a wide selection of books cheaper than on Amazon. This is so incredibly rare for Copenhagen I might have gone a little more nuts than I intended. One book turned into three.

live musik magasin

There’s a supermarket under one of the department stores that we love going to but never really shop in because it’s too expensive. Today we went there to find live music, free ice cream, free chocolate and free drinks.

However bad yesterday was, today was its exact opposite. When we got home, we baked blueberry muffins together. Tonight I’ll get back to my short story. I still feel that these characters want more. They want a longer life, a chance to really shine. Just like I promised them.

Being a writer is amazing.


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