Write Yourself Another Life

After I freaked about all the social media platforms you’re meant to be on as a writer, I took the plunge and went back on Twitter. I have to say I’m enjoying it and it’s not giving me headaches at all. This morning Mindfuel Thinking responded to a comment I made on one of their posts. You had to say when you last visited a bookshop or a library.

I adore the Copenhagen Main Library. I go there all the time. I’ve loved it since they moved it to its current location, way back when I was in high school. But good bookshops are thin on the ground in Denmark. Back in my high school days you could visit the French and the English bookshop in the same side-street. Not anymore. And we’ve never had a Barnes & Noble or Borders or any of those wonderful temples of reading. Books here are so expensive it could never work.

Own my own bookstore

The short story I’m writing (yes, I know the deadline is coming up on me fast) takes place in Copenhagen and one of my main characters is opening a bookshop. Part of me would quite like to open a bookshop one day. Somewhere for readings, writer’s groups, Christmas displays with little lights in the window. I don’t ever see myself doing it, though. Enter Emma. (I think her name is Emma.) Her bookshop is the part of the story I’m enjoying the most.

I’d also love to work from home and bake cakes all the time while an extremely large dog runs around the garden. Don’t see myself doing that for a while either. At least not full time. Enter Anne.

I wonder how many other dreams I have will find their way into my characters’ lives? How many other paths that I dare not travel will I send them down instead?

I wonder why I don’t dare tread these paths? I know the obvious answer is ‘because I have bills to pay’ but I don’t think that’s it. Or at least not all of it. So when I see this complete stranger telling me that it could happen, I wonder why I think it can’t? It’s not about the hours or the money, it’s something inside me that somehow believes I am supposed to sit behind a desk from 8 – 4 each day.

And I don’t know why that is. But I’m going to find out.

How about you? Do you send your characters out to live the lives you dream of?


6 thoughts on “Write Yourself Another Life

  1. I mentioned to my dad of my book projects. He thoughtfully angled his head and asked most tactfully, “You don’t think you’re going to get rich?” (He writes some, too). Me, “Poets don’t get rich. But I treat each project as if it will create a windfall. That helps me to give it every bit of my soul!” And that, my friend, makes all of the difference. 🙂

    Another note: add links to your book occasionally for your blog and Twitter. It will help your standing with Google searches, building organic traffic to your book!

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  2. Perhaps you can experience facets of life through the characters 🙂 I think it’s what’s on our mind sometimes that comes out in story form. Not always though. Just sometimes 😉

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