A Diner, a Dialogue, a Doughnut

This evening we went out for an early dinner with my friend S. She’s the one with the white shepherd whose photos pop up here every so often. My son said he was in the mood for wings, so we headed off in search of a diner. We definitely found one – vinyl seats, paintings of vintage cars on the walls and, for some reason, an Iron Man statue. Second one I’ve seen this week. Must be some kind of sign. Also had delicious milkshakes and a charming Irish waiter.

My son: Can I please have the sundae for dessert? Only without the nuts.
Waiter: Of course. Would you like Oreos on top instead?
My son: Oh yes please!
Me: I’d like a cappucino, please.
Waiter: Certainly.
(A minute passes)
Waiter: Sorry, what did you say you wanted? I was thinking about Oreos while you were talking.

Future scenarios around the house: Sorry, what did you say? I was thinking about Oreos.

oreo mountain

S. is like me – she’s a mixture of all kinds of different countries. Originally from Thailand, she was adopted by a Danish family who also spent years in Australia and Hawaii. Hawaii is her real home, witness the decal on her car. We’ve been friends since 5th grade and one of the best parts about living in Copenhagen again is getting to spend time with her. As my son once said, ‘Your other friends are nice and everything, but come on, they’re not cool like S.’

This evening she was telling us how much she misses her motorbike and the time in her life when she used to race. Apparently her neighbour just bought her favourite bike ever, and now he’s dead to her.

My son: I want a bike. Then I can do a high-speed police chase.
Me: (rolling of eyes and rending of garments)
S.: I’ve done that lots of time. It’s easy.
My son: Yeah, to ride faster than cops? Super easy.
S.: Sure, it’s easy. In Hawaii all cops are pretty big.
Me: Big?
S.: Yeah. Fat. Fat and stoned. So the best way to get away is just to get off your bike and run. Maybe like, throw some doughnuts at them. Yeah, just throw some doughnuts or malasadas at them and like, run through a field or something.

I’ll never be able to eat a doughnut again without laughing.

There’s definitely a story in there somewhere.

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