Super Saturday

This has been one of those Saturdays where I’ve relaxed enough for an entire weekend. I’ve laughed, planned, decorated, walked, read, written and completely geeked out. Now I’m blogging while watching Back to the Future II. If it gets better than this I don’t see it.

The day started in IKEA. Aside from my house on Langeland, IKEA is my happy place. When I’m sad, I go to IKEA. Somehow, they have convinced me that with just another throw pillow, flat-pack bookshelf or giant bag of candles, I can change my life. I call it the Emma Bovary effect. Does it work? Yes, for a few moments. But when I go to IKEA and feel frustrated, I know that some part of my life is not working for me. I can always tell which one by the part of the store that annoys me the most. By the time I leave, I usually have a plan.


I arrived around 10 and was having my first coffee at 11. I recommend it to every writer. Take some time off and go to IKEA. If you’re a member (and if you’re not, it’s free to become one) you can drink free coffee or tea and just sit and write. I stayed there for over an hour. After I’d completed the rest of the IKEA circuit, I went to Toys R Us and completely geeked out in the Star Wars and LEGO section. I clearly need a Storm Trooper iHome speaker and a BB8 LEGO model. For the first time since I left LEGO, I really missed it. I missed working with toys, knowing that something I helped create is making children happy. That’s a wonderful feeling you don’t get from any other industry. At least not from any of the ones I’ve worked in.

When I came home my son and I went for a long walk. And I mean a loooooong walk. We passed a couple playing drums on their balcony and waved at them. We talked about sneakers, our summer holiday and, because my son is an eleven-year-old boy, fart-fueled rockets.

Toni Morrison Song of Solomon

At home I assembled the small set of furniture I’d bought for our balcony. Once I’d wrapped up warm (it might be April but it’s still quite cold) I dived into one of my favourite books, Song of Solomon by Tony Morrison.

Throughout the day, I checked my Amazon stats. I’ve sold more books this month than I have the whole year. It’s a great feeling, because I’m giving all the proceeds to the Danish Cancer Research Society. I think I’m going to make this a regular April event. I’m delighted that people are buying my book, and if they’re buying because it allows them to support cancer research, all the better.

Hope your Saturday was as wonderful as mine.

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