When Writing Stops You From Writing

Disappearing into that place of perfect inspiration is a rare treat for me these days. That place where words flow like water, where ideas spill from the my keyboard like stardust. The ideas are alive in my head, they’re pounding in my heart, but they’re not getting onto the paper. Something is getting in the way of my writing.

What is it?

My writing.

Wait, what?

This year, I set myself the task of finally doing something with my blog, getting it out there and getting people to read it. So far, I think that part is going really well. Even better, I’ve met some amazing people and fantastic writers along the way. I’m no longer the weirdo who keeps little notebooks hidden all over the house, who speaks my characters’ dialogue out loud as I walk to walk. I’m the writer who keeps little notebooks hidden all over the house, who speaks my characters’ dialogue out loud as I walk to walk. I feel like a writer again, in a way even publishing my book couldn’t make me feel. Because I think like one again.

But my blog is getting in the way of my novel, my stories, my plans for the future. It’s not because it’s taking up too much time, it’s because my focus is wrong. Previously, my focus was on my novel and blogging had to fit in around that. Ever since I wrote my short story, it’s been all about the blog and not at all about the novel.

Well, that stops now.

I love my blog, but I’m an author, not a blogger. There are already a million things trying to steal focus from my writing, I can’t let my writing be another one of them.

Being a writer is tough. Being a writer with a day job is even harder. Being a writer with a day job who’s trying to promote herself so people will buy her book is even harder plus one.

I can see why this happened. I’m sure I’m not the first, probably won’t be the last.

So for all of us our there letting everything else get in the way of our writing: stop it!

The writer has spoken.

9 thoughts on “When Writing Stops You From Writing

  1. I really feel you on this post. It’s hard to know how much time to dedicate to each facet of being a writer.

    I currently use my blog as a means to find an audience and vent about writing. I could definitely see how it would get in the way really quickly, though. It has become rather important to me. Important enough to steal time from my short stories and character building. Hearing someone say it isn’t as important as my characters and short stories was pretty important for me today. Thanks for this post.

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    1. Glad I could help 😊
      I’ve got a little obsessed with my stats. When I see them dropping a little I pour more effort into the blog but that effort takes away from my other writing.
      I think I needed to shake myself up a little today.


  2. I came to this blog service to erect, or resurrect, a book I started in 2006. Writing a page or two each day.
    Along with that pleasure, I’ve gained a dozen people who are enjoying it, which makes the next pages so important to me. Over 48,000 words thus far. Not to mention all the other pages I get to throw in for free because of the daily prompt, and all.
    I pray if I ever do find a job again, that it won’t deter me from this literary adventure.
    I will supportingly hope and pray that it continues for you as well. Was that Tiffany’s in the 1st clip?

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    1. Thanks – and welcome back to the blogging life 🙂 I’ve found that helps keep me focused on the writer’s life, as long as I can still get some “real” writing done.
      I think it was Tiffany’s but it’s so many years since I’ve seen it I’m not 100% sure.

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